We are Unica Earth

A Circular Revolution needs a multicultural background: our team comes from Belgium, Argentina, Italy and The USA! We also have complementary skills, from innovation to psychology, we take concrete actions to boost Circular Fashion.

Join the Circular Fashion Movement, together, we will transform the industry!

Adeline Michaux
Co-founder & Circular Innovation Coach.

The younger generations are looking for engaged brands which are building a better society while doing business. Brands need to position themselves as social businesses to meet the future generations’ expectations and to ensure the human species survival in a context of global warming and limited resources. It is not about decreasing one’s negative impact anymore, it is time to generate positive impact.

My dream is to see more all the pieces of the puzzle come together, so that, the fashion industry can shift to a circular one!”

Community Manager

Sharing is caring! The great thing is, Lauren cares a lot about the circular revolution and has tons of high energy to share. Her passion for art, style, and the environment, have inspired her to advocate within Unica’s network.
With legal experience from university and Parlement Jeunesse Wallonie-Bruxelles, Videography and Public Representation experience for art galleries.
Lauren has  a strong motivation to contribute to the change, your circular vision is in safe hands.
Want to be heard within Unica’s network, reach out to me!

Sustainable Engagement Coach

Chocked by the negative impacts of palm oil, I have completed my bachelor in law by a master in sustainability and worked as a sustainability consultant to private organisations but also NGOs and public institutions.
I am a big believer in infusing sustainability in every aspect of the business. We can do better than greenwashing!
My dream is to see organisations and individuals from all path of life coming together to tackle the most pressing sustainability issues!
Chloé’s other hats:

Fashion Revolution Belgium coordinator
– Founder of The Green Seeds Project
– Blogger @thegreenmonki

Agustina Perez Iriarte
Co-founder & Digital Expert

Being an autodidact, online courses have opened doors for me to the world of software development, videography, and new languages. 

The internet has made knowledge available to everyone with an internet connection. Even in a little village in the middle of nowhere, brilliant minds can get access to quality courses. That is a revolution. I believe that online courses will be at the heart of the future of education.

With Unica, my dream is to see more responsible fashion best practices shared across boundaries.

Sustainable Communication Expert

Just like designing is an art, communicating about your brand and your sustainable transformation is an art. You have to find your voice, and adjust your storytelling, a balance between ethical transparency & brand image.

Thanks to her formation from IFM and ESMOD, her passion for sustainable fashion as well as her experience with various eco-brands.

Léa will help you find your secret sauce to valorize your sustainable efforts and delight your customers.

Want to revamp your marketing brand, reach out to her!

Erica Novelli
Communication Specialist and Behavioral Researcher

Attracted by social behaviour and mass-groups mindset, Erica’ve completed  master of Science in Social Psychology of Work and Communication. According to her, the ability to relate and to communicate are essential skills to develop themself and empower the social groups. Learn more to act..more: this is always the right philosophy. Her aim in Unica is to huge the awareness in climate change through our target and audience, within words…easy words! Like the action we need to do: changing is easier than you think. This is the message!