Business Analyst – Internship

What we expect from a business analyst?

Your main mission is to increase business efficiency (costs and time), productivity, and the profitability of the company. You have to

Your activities:

  • Work on the Business Model of Unica with the team
  • Analyse public financing source and projects related to circular fashion and textile industry for positioning our projects strategically  
  • Analyse services of Unica and similar actors on the market to update the SWOT, Competitors and partners analyses 
  • Responsible to know the fiscal advantages of becoming a member of a company or to make a donation to the company as an NGO.
  • Keep the team up-to-date on the Fashion, Sustainability and Circular Economy Trends by reading various reports & attending conferences
  • Work hands-in-hands with the sales team to adapt the presentations

Skills of a good business analyst

  • Ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ability to mobilize people for interviews
  • At ease with calling and meeting people to conduct interviews
  • Good at getting information from people
  • Ability to summarize information from large reports and various sources

Unica is a circular fashion movement with one goal: transform the fashion industry. Why? The textile industry is the second most polluting sector in the world. According to McKinsey, 65% of the young generation want to buy responsible products. However, people struggle to find responsible clothing fitting their style. The way? Co-create circular solutions imagined by multi-partners to reinvent the fashion industry.

At Unica, we believe that the future of fashion is circular.

Unica is looking for an intern with strong business analytics skills. Making the world more sustainable is important for you? You are full of ideas and energy? You are excited about the idea of working with a dynamic team of young entrepreneurs? You have the time to commit in a huge project for the future? You have a thirst for learning about the circular economy and fashion movement? You want to find an internship in which you are involved in the business project and an actor in the world of tomorrow? You are english fluent? You have some gestion skills? Then, Unica Earth is made for you! 

Send us your application at for more information.

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