Circular Mindset Challenge

To become circular pioneers, companies need to adopt a circular culture.

Circular Innovation is a mindset.

By challenging your employees to think outside the box
with circular principles in mind,
we empower your talents to transform your business.

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Making an environmental impact together can also be fun!

With our App, you measure your progress as a team to:

• Decrease your negative footprint on
CO2, Water, Soil,
Waste, People and Biodiversity
• Generate positive impact and increase employees’
sense of purpose
• Increase your circular economy knowledge, essential to
innovate with a circular mindset

So that, you’ll pronounce that painful sentence again:

“It has no impact if I change my habits as other people don’t”

Pick 3 Influential Ambassadors

Inspiring leaders can drive your employees to
achieve the 12-month circular challenges
and adopt a circular mindset.

We need people who have an ability to make things fun and effortless (the kind of people whom motivates you
to run 40 km without complaining).

Our sustainable engagement coaches
will reveal all their secrets to make an impactful
behavior change along the journey.

Celebrate Success while reconnecting with nature

What encourages employees better to
keep the good work than
enjoying its impact?

What is your wishlist?
Discover biodiversity, adventurous
rafting, hiking, outside parties?

The ambassadors and sustainable engagement coaches will work
hands-in-hands to memorable milestones celebrations.